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HeartWaves is a short-form Radio Program that
captures the imagination and stirs the soul!

Airs Monday - Friday @ 12:40 PM in Northeastern North Carolina
 on WVOD (99.1 FM) and on over 100 stations across the country

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Listen for HeartWaves  in national syndication and satellite radio beginning November 4, 2002!!

Radio Stations... Check out HeartWaves

v A free short-form syndicated radio program that is unique, timely, memorable, and witty. HeartWaves captures cutting edge thinking in human psychology and spiritual growth. 

v A ground-floor opportunity to increase your local advertising revenue.


Kathleen Brehony, Ph.D. brings a unique voice to syndicated radio. Humane, humorous, spiritual, wise and witty, compassionate.  Right on target!

 Why Kathleen Brehony?

*  Author of six critically acclaimed books.

*  Has built a national following.

*  Ph.D. in clinical psychology with twenty-two years experience in practice.

*  Fifteen years experience in radio as guest and guest-host.

*  Sought-after public speaker

*  Publishes a regular weekly newspaper column soon to be syndicated.

What HeartWaves can do for your radio station:

HeartWaves®is a short-form radio essay on a topical and intriguing aspect of human behavior that incorporates world spiritual and secular wisdom, poetry, quotes, and fascinating factoids.

HeartWaves®is designed to be aired in coordination with events that capture national attention (e.g., a show about Celtic Wisdom to air on St. Patrick's Day).

HeartWaves® is written and hosted by author and clinical psychologist Kathleen Brehony, Ph.D. Your listeners will be entertained  and delighted.

HeartWaves®is a short-form program that gives your listeners something new, something they'll talk about all day.

HeartWaves®gives you an opportunity to sell local ads.

HeartWaves® is free of charge to interested radio stations and we back up our promise for premier production values, timely delivery, and ease of use.