What follows are some of the very best web-based resources for self-growth (imho).  I update this section often as I come across exceptional sites -- so  please check back frequently!  More to come...

Click on the picture or the description to go to the site described.


The C.G. Jung Page  Articles, resources, links, an online searchable Jungian Lexicon, Jung societies around the world and information about their events, mailing lists, and more.


Online, scorable, multi-language Keirsey Temperament Sorter (very high correlation to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) based on the research of Psychologist and Author David Keirsey.  His popular book is titled Please Understand Me.

 Classics Archives

441 classical works, mostly Greek and Roman -- searchable & free at
Thank you M.I.T.

ions logo

The Official Site for Humanistic Psychologist Abraham Maslow

Institute of Noetic Sciences focuses on consciousness and human potential.


Association for Humanistic Psychology -- Articles, links, conferences, and more.


Spirituality links and information from a wide variety of world traditions.


Interviews and more with one of the world's foremost modern philosophers and thinkers about consciousness -  Ken Wilbur

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