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Living A Connected Life:
Creating and Maintaining Relationships That Last
(New York: Henry Holt and Company, 2003)
by Kathleen Brehony
It is often difficult, in our hurried world, to create and maintain the kinds of connections necessary for a  healthy life. We communicate with co-workers down the hall via e-mail, make friends on the Internet, live thousands of miles away from our families, and spend less and less time with our  overscheduled spouses and children. These and other modern difficulties contribute to increased isolation and alienation. In Living a Connected Life , Dr. Kathleen A. Brehony poses and  answers an essential question: "What does it mean to belong?" She presents research that underlines both the importance of social connections and the difficulties caused by their absence, and helps us recognize and understand these effects not only intellectually but with our hearts.

But this timely and important book is much more than a description of the problem-Living a Connected Life is a practical guide as well. Brehony includes inventories for self-evaluation; outlines her Steps to Enduring Relationships, meaningful measures to improve our webs of support and social connection; and shows how we can become more confident of our intrinsic worth and happier in our day-to-day existence.

Filled with personal stories and anecdotes and drawing upon spiritual teachings, poetry, and myth for illustration, Living a Connected Life is a timely guide to creating lasting relationships

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After the Darkest Hour:
How Suffering Begins the Journey to Wisdom
( New York:  Henry Holt and Company, 2000)
by Kathleen Brehony
     Most of us accept that suffering is an inevitable reality in everyone's life, and that aging, death, and loss are universal experiences. What few of us understand, however, is the growth that can come from suffering.
     In this inspiring, uplifting book informed by a wealth of stories on how different people face difficult situations, Brehony provides a moving and practical read on how to use life's hard times for personal and spiritual growth and an expansion of consciousness about what it means to live as a human being.
     An essential volume for your personal library and a most welcomed gift for a friend experiencing a hard time.  Kirkus Reviews wrote:  "Sure to become a classic treatment of suffering." Look for After the Darkest Hour in trade paperback in bookstores everywhere.


Awakening at Midlife:  A Guide to Reviving Your Spirit, Recreating Your Life, and Returning to Your Truest Self
(New York: Riverhead Books, Penguin/Putnam, 1996)
by Kathleen Brehony.
     A wake-up call for all of us who wish to make the most of this transitional  journey.  A unique guide to reviving our enthusaism for life, it offers stories, strategies, and exercises that can transform and enrich our ongoing search for wholeness. With special sections on: Recoving childhood dreams, creative expression, the importance of relationships, introspection, reflection, and "beingness," a new appreciation of our physical selves, and heightened consciousness. Finalist in the 1996 Books for a Better Life Award.  Foundation for the PBS Televison special "The Midlife Survival Guide." Awakening at Midlife is in bookstores everywhere.

Ordinary Grace: An Examination of the Roots of Compassion, Altruism, and Empathy, and the Ordinary Individuals Who Help Others in Extraordinary Ways
(New York: Riverhead Books, Penguin/Putnam, 1999).
by Kathleen Brehony
     A frank, accessible look at the grace that is all around us and a reminder to recognize the extraordinary in the everyday.  Tracing the origins of compassion through psychology, religion, and biology, Brehony probes the motivations behind selfless acts and demonstrates that grace is more commonplace than evil -- it just reveals itself more quietly. Kirkus Reviews calls this book "A heartening inquiry...A restorative tonic -- not just mere chicken soup for the soul -- because it may well inspire readers to go out and do something good for somebody." In bookstores everywhere.

Up the Bestseller Lists!
A Hands-On Guide to Successful Book Promotion
(Adams Media, July 2001)
by Kathleen Brehony & Karen Jones
     Most books for potential authors show how to pick subjects, find agents, and connect with a book publisher.  Veteran authors Kathleen Brehony and Karen Jones  explain that writers also need to lead the promotion of their book either working with a publisher or on their own to determine whether it will be a bestseller or a bust.
      They offer a step-by-step introduction to the fundamentals of book promotion from getting reviews to setting up bookstore events with plenty of practical advice and examples of what to expect. It also includes an emphasis on creative strategies authors can use to make their book a commercial success.
     Their unique new approach focuses on the exciting side of getting published showing authors how to be published both successfully and happily and have a ton of fun while promoting themselves and their work.


Chanting:  Discovering Spirit in Sound
(New York: Broadway Books/Random House, 1999)
by Robert Gass with Kathleen Brehony
   From wildly popular chant classes at yoga centers to skyrocketing sales of Gregorian chant recordings, the explosion of interest in alternative healing and spirituality has given new life to the practice of chanting, an exercise that has its roots in every religious tradition. This book makes the benefits of these vocalizations available to everyone, with easy-to-follow instructions, breathing techniques and advice for creating unique personal chants.  A lively informative guide by one of the foremost experts in the world -- Robert Gass of Spring Hill Music and respected author, Kathleen Brehony.  In bookstores everywhere.

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