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At present, Kathleen is emphasizing three areas of expertise in her keynotes, workshops, and media presentations. In combination with her book tours, she is particularly interested in addressing groups on the subjects of After the Darkest Hour, Ordinary Grace, and  Awakening at Midlife:

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Kathleen is a seasoned and sought-after public speaker and media personality. She has delivered hundreds of keynote addresses, workshops, and training seminars on a wide variety of topics. From motivational talks before thousands to small consciousness-changing workshops, she brings scholarly information to the public  in ways that are entertaining, provocative, humorous, and memorable. She is a highly acclaimed guest (and guest host) on radio and television and has produced several talk shows and specials for Public Television and Radio. She currently co-hosts the weekly radio program -- The Art of Living: Conversations about the Heart & Soul of Modern Life.

Here's some feedback about Kathleen skills as a keynote speaker and workshop leader

The Virginia Academy of Clinical Psychologists wants to express our sincere thanks to you for having been our guest speaker for the VACP Membership Breakfast on April 7, 2006.  You were a very entertaining and knowledgeable speaker with so many pearls of insight about human behavior. There were many compliments about your talk so I know everyone enjoyed hearing you. You are quite an accomplished clinical psychologist and someone who makes psychologists in Virginia very proud.  Thanks for giving your time and sharing your wisdom with us.

Jan D. Hembree, Ph.D.
VACP President

On behalf of the AWHONN Oklahoma Section, I wish to express my sincere thanks to you for sharing your time, talents, energy, and beautiful spirit with us.  You enrich us with your knowledge, amuse us with your stories, encourage us with your confidence, and charm us with your grace. You are truly awesome and amazing! Just reading your short bio makes me wonder what Ive been doing with my spare time.  Reading your book and talking to you have positively made a difference for me.  Thanks. Im so glad you came to Tulsa. Thank you for making our state conference a success.

Gayle Cude, Ph.D., MS, BSN
AWHONN Oklahoma Section
Secretary Treasurer

We really want to thank you for your time and wisdom shared.  it was a wonderful workshop!  Im still receiving enthusiastic comments about your presentation and hope to have a chance to enjoy another workshop with you. We all wish you the very best in your future endeavors.

Reverend Barbara A. Wilson, MDiv, MA, BCC
Manager, Spiritual Care Services
Memorial Hospital, South Bend, IN

"It was wonderful having you at MetroHealth for the past two days. The standing ovation at the end said it all as far as what you presented and how it was received."

Chaplain Dan Rossbach
MetroHealth, Cleveland, OH

"On behalf of the Hospice Network of Maryland, I would like to thank you for speaking at our recent conference. Your knowledge, experience, humor and comments were greatly appreciated by all in attendance as reflected in the enclosed evaluations...We are fortunate to have someone like yourself bringing high quality educational opportunities to the hospice and palliate care community.  It is through programs like yours that we are better able to serve the terminally ill patients and their families in Maryland.  Once again, thank you for such a wonderful educational program."

  -- Deborah J. Pyles, Executive Director
     Hospice Network of Maryland

"It was wonderful to have you present last week for our diocesan Ministries Conference '02. The comments from the 500 participants about the plenary speakers and workshop presentations were overwhelmingly positive.  We greatly appreciate your willingness to share your gifts and experience with us."

  -- Michael Stone, Speaker Coordinator
     Catholic Diocese of Richmond, VA

"Thank you so much for being a member of the panel at the Girl Scout Council of Colonial Coast 2001 Annual Council Meeting. Your insight to some very serious adolescent concerns was presented with a great deal of humor and lightheartedness, which left everyone with a very positive outlook to dealing with "teens." The panel was very successful and many of the evaluations returned at the end of the meeting requested a repeat performance with more time to get deeper into the topics.
     We had a wonderful meeting and you were one of the people who were responsible for making it such a successful event. I really appreciate your fitting our meeting into your busy schedule."

-- Nelllie Hayse, Executive Director
     Girl Scouts of America, Council of Colonial Coast

"On behalf of the Washington National Cathedral and Hospice and Palliative Care of Metropolitan Washington, thank you for your integral part in "Journey of the Soul, Peace at the Last" on Saturday, March 10, 2001. Your presentation and moderating were terrific! I heard numerous people say that you were the best moderator they had ever seen -- I am honored that I midwifed that natural gift!
   It was such a pleasure finally meeting you and getting to know you a bit and look forward to the next time our paths cross in this journey we call Life."

-- Mary Wright Baylor, MSN, RN
     Director, Education
     Hospice and Palliative Care of Metropolitan Washington

"Your presentation for the University of Tennessee National Alumni Association Women's Council Program in Memphis was outstanding! Thank you for your excellent preparation, your attention to making your information personal, and your ability to inspire  each of us. Your audience indicated on their evaluations that your thoughts will make a difference in their lives. And, from the conversations I have had with many who attended, I know your message made a profound  impression on them. Because you were so effective in Memphis, we are looking forward to presenting you as the speaker for the women's Council programs next April in Chattanooga, Knoxville, and Johnson City,  Tennessee. We truly appreciate you joining the UTNAA Women's Council to present your thought-provoking program "Awakening at Midlife."

Rebecca F. Little, Director of Alumni Programs
     University of Tennessee, Knoxville

"Thank you very much for your warm, inspiring, and charming stories about people with "Ordinary Grace." As you told these tales I was moved to tears with the compassion and goodness demonstrated by the people and your amazing ability to capture the essence of their stories. Your stories awakened my curiosity and I now look forward to reading your books. The Fall Convention of the Virginia Psychological Association was graced by your presence."

  -- Alan D. Entin, Ph.D. ABPP, President Virginia Psychological Association
     Richmond, VA

"Having conversed with you on several occasions and having had the opportunity to hear your wonderful presentations on Public Radio, I was eager for you to be our keynote speaker for the "1999 Festival For Caregivers."
     After a morning of listening to the woes and dilemmas of elders and the losses inherent in aging, it was encouraging for us all to hear that we have unrecognized qualities. You showed us that our daily activities often include acts of courage, moral strength and compassion. With poignancy and humor you identified many instances of extraordinary humanity and grace and gave us a lens which brings commonplace greatness into focus.
     I speak for the Hampton Roads Caregivers' Coalition in thanking you!"

  -- Marilyn C. Fall, M.S.R.N
     Hampton Roads Caregivers' Coalition, Virginia Beach, VA

"The evaluations for your presentation were remarkable: 'practical, humorous, enlightening, worthwhile,' 'valuable beyond words,' 'wonderful,' 'I feel gratified to have found Dr. Brehony's book - I could have listened to her for much, much longer - it was supremely interesting and worthwhile. Thank you for bringing us this superb speaker."

Sentara Hospital Women's Health Source

"What a delightful service you provided...Your spirit is so entertaining, inspirational, and refreshing. Our congregation certainly came away from Sunday's Celebration with inspiration to demonstrate the grace of Spirit in every circumstance in their lives...Through your speaking and writing you have certainly touched our spiritual community in a very special way. Thank you again."

Reverend Elizabeth Thompson-Stocks
     Unity Renaissance, Chesapeake, VA

"It is now one week after your wonderful presentation and I'm  still hearing raves about your session. The evaluations speak for themselves - you can see how you inspired and impressed the participants."

  -- Shelley Riley, Office of Human Resources
     University of Tennessee, Knoxville

"Kathleen Brehony presents a thoughtful, respectful, and calming on-air presence while maintaining a lively conversational bent. This is just as true when she is a guest on the program. Unlike other on-air psychologists, she does not endeavor to demean, denigrate, or diminish the comments and experiences of callers. Instead she honors those comments and experiences. In fact, we refer to her as 'the kinder, gentler Dr. Laura!' I am thankful not only for her availability as a host and guest, but feel privileged to know her."

  -- Betty Luse, Producer Hear/Say Program
     WHRO/WHRV Public Radio, Hampton Roads, Virginia

"Your talk was so delightful and inspirational. You made quite an impression on our group of clinical psychologists. While the presentation was filled  with important, accurate academic information, it was conveyed in an entertaining style which made us think and laugh at the same time. We came away feeling lifted up, hopeful, and encouraged."

Jan D. Hembree, Ph.D.
     President, TACP (Tidewater Academy of Clinical Psychologists)

"Kathy is a sensitive, informed, and sophisticated teacher and presenter. People talk about the skills they learned years after attending her  presentations."

Esther D. Rothblum, Ph.D.
     Professor - The University of Vermont

"It was indeed a pleasure and an honor to host your PBS special. We enjoyed every minute that we've spent together discussing this vital topic [midlife] on which you have become so expert and so eloquent. We look forward to more work together in the future."

Larry Rifkin, Executive Vice President
     Connecticut Public Television and Radio


email , call 252-473-4004, or fax 252-475-1017 to find out more information, obtain a list of keynote and workshop topics, discuss a specifically-tailored address for your group, or determine Kathleen's availability for your radio or television program. Audiotapes and videotapes of some of her presentations, radio, and television appearances are available upon request.


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