After the Darkest Hour

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"Sure to become a classic treatment of suffering."
               -- Kirkus Reviews

"The only thing worse than suffering in silence is suffering so everybody knows about it. Kathleen Brehony writes about a third kind, a human dynamic that helps us achieve truth and clarity in our lives. It's a must  read!"
               --Robert Urich

"In her intuitive and insightful reflections, Dr.  Brehony teaches us that hard experience is the necessary if painful pathway to a deeper understanding of human life. This is the most useful manual on the redeeming quality of suffering I have ever read."
               -- Rabbi Ben Kamin,
                   Author of The Path of the Soul:
                   Making Peace with Mortality

"With the voice of a poet, the perspective of a wise philosopher, and a heart of deep compassion, Brehony helps us to see our own  sufferings through the lens of the soul, where all events have meaning and all challenges contain the seeds of growth and new beginnings."
               -- Daniel Redwood,
                   Author of A Time to Heal

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