Chanting: Discovering Spirit in Sound

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"The word enchantment suggests becoming one with God through chanting. Robert Gass has achieved this with his own music and guides the  reader toward the same in this clear and enlightening explanation of how to develop your own personal practice."
               -- Deepak Chopra, MD
                   Author of The Path to Love

"One of the masters of transformational music has written a masterful introduction to the spiritual path of chanting. The spirit and sounds of millennia are captured here in this profound and practical book."
               -- Jean Houston
                   Author of A Passion for the Possible

"In Chanting Robert Gass speaks as a poet, a musician, a storyteller, and a healer.  Read Chanting and you will be inspired, as I am, to sing in a way that gives sacred meaning to every aspect of your life."
               -- Margot Anand
                   Author of The Art of Sexual Ecstasy
                   and The Art of Everyday Ecstasy

"This is a beautiful book about the discovery of spirit in all of our lives. Harmonius sounds can open the door to a new  level of living. As I read Robbie's book I began to chant, "Yes, Yes, Yes" because so many of us never hear the voice of the spirit when we are surrounded by the noises of the modern world. Read so that you may listen to the sounds of inner silence and the music of life."
               -- Bernie Siegel, MD
                   Author of Love, Medicine & Miracles
                   and Prescriptions for Living

"Skillfully initiates and entrains the reader into the marvelous universe of sound and its healing properties.  This book evolves and expains what our cells, our bones, and our psyches already know, long for, and have so commonly lost. Allow yourself to become enchanted and re-enchanted."
               -- Jon Kabat-Zinn
                   Author of Wherever You Go, There You Are

"Chanting  is one of the most powerful ways I know to awaken the heart and evoke the spirit.  Through beautiful stories and evocative images, Robert Gass brings the magic of chant to life in this book that is at once  informative, warm, enlivening and deeply spiritual."
               -- Joan Borysenko, MD
                   Author of Fire in the Soul

"Chanting has always been chicken soup for my soul.  I have used it in my life, as well as in my workshops and seminars for over twenty years. This wonderful book provides us all with a practical, enjoyable guide to understanding and using chanting's relaxing, healing, and transformative powers."
               -- Jack Canfield
                   Coauthor of Chicken Soup for the Soul