Awakening at Midlife

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Finalist - Books for a Better Life Award -- 1996

"Awakening at Midlife is the most important book I have ever read… Truth is necessary in the pursuit of knowledge.  Knowledge mixed with insight and love leads to wisdom.  Wisdom is God's gift. You will find all three in Kathleen Brehony's book."
     -- Robert Urich, Actor

"Kathleen Brehony is bringing Jung to the general public in a very clear, palatable way. Most enjoyable!"
     -- Marion Woodman  Author of The Pregnant Virgin,  Dancing in the Flames,  The Maiden King among other titles.

"Brehony speaks eloquently within a (Jungian) framework, others should find much of note here."
     -- Publishers' Weekly, August 12, 1996

"Brehony, a Jungian psychologist, defines, explains, and connects Jungian concepts such as personal and collective unconscious, persona, shadow, and archetypes into an understandable but not reductive framework…A relatively challenging exploration of the aspects of change at midlife, including spiritual and physical growth."
     -- Kirkus Reviews, August 1, 1996

"Awakening at Midlife is a treasure! My husband and I both sat and cried when we read about the death of your mother – your book touched every nerve ending. I've underlined the underlines. Thank you."
     -- Rita P.,  Alberta, Canada

"I thought your book was the most outstanding book of its kind that I have encountered, and I savored it as I read it.  You spoke with great truth and clarity on so many issues that arise in midlife and it affirmed for me the richness and preciousness of this time of life…I thank you."
     -- Debra L., Baltimore, MD

"I feel compelled to tell you how much your book has helped me…I often wonder where I'd be at this time if it wasn't for you and Awakening at Midlife. I had no idea what I was going through and your efforts empowered me to see the light in the darkness…You have made the world a better place."
     -- Warren S., Falls Church, VA


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Click Here to read an inspirational interview with Robert Urich in which he references Awakening at Midlife


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