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We really want to thank you for your time and wisdom shared.  it was a wonderful workshop!  Im still receiving enthusiastic comments about your presentation and hope to have a chance to enjoy another workshop with you. We all wish you the very best in your future endeavors.
Reverend Barbara A. Wilson, MDiv, MA, BCC
Manager, Spiritual Care Services
Memorial Hospital, South Bend, IN

"It was wonderful having you at MetroHealth for the  past two days. The standing ovation at the end said it all as far as what you presented and how it was received."
Chaplain Dan Rossbach
MetroHealth, Cleveland, OH

On behalf of the United Way of the Virginia Peninsula, I thank you sincerely for your outstanding presentation to agency representatives at our 2003 Speaker's Bureau Orientation on August 14. You continue to receive accolades in absentia from those who attended. Your points on effective storytelling were on the mark and well-received. It couldn't have been better.  Again, Kathy, thanks for your help.  We were honored to have you and will recommend you highly to others within our non-profit network."
Patti J. Mantey, Vice President Marketing and Communications
United Way of the Virginia Peninsula

"On behalf of the Virginia Association for Hospices, our sincere  appreciation for a most inspiring Plenary address to close our annual conference in Roanoke. The evaluations were excellent!"
Mary Ellen Watts, Manager of Education and Technical Support
Virginia Association for Hospices, Inc.

On behalf of the Eastern Virginia chapter of the Virginia Society for Clinical Social Work I would like to thank you for your recent presentation on Coaching for us.  The meeting was a definite success.  Thank you for the stimulating and informative talk.
Susan P. Menter, L.C.S.W., Treasurer
Virginia Society for Clinical Social Work (Eastern Virginia Chapter)

Thank you so much...you were wonderful.  Your Keynote was mentioned often in the evaluations as the favorite part of our conference. I am honored to know you...you bring usch wisdom and such graciousness to your work. I love your flexibility, your willingness and desire to fully participate and your humor. Thank you!
Michael Milano, Program Chair
Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington, VA

Thanks again for your participation as Plenary speaker at our April 5th session in Ashland.  I had the opportunity to attend your session and was able to observe "first hand," your skill in keeping an early morning audience attentive and engaged. The verbal feedback from attendees was excellent.  We appreciate the time and preparation you gave to your presentation.  I hope that our paths will cross in the near future as we plan educational programs for hospice staff inVirginia."
Mary Ellen Watts, Manager of Education and Technical Support
Virginia Association for Hospices, Inc.

"I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for doing such an excellent job. The Wellness Workshop on 2/16/02 was such a success. I have heard nothing but compliments...thank you for helping make it such a success.  I had numerous participants call to tell me how much they enjoyed the day and in particular how much they enjoyed your talk...You touched many lives in one day.  Thank you for your giving spirit and your words of kindness and wisdom.  I hope to work with you again in the future.
Christine Merrill
INVOVA Juniper Program

"On behalf of The Hospices of the National Capital  Region, please accept my most sincere appreciation for your participation in our 3rd annual conference, "Bringing Palliative Care to Life."  Your luncheon presentation on "After the Darkest Hour" was absolutely terrific and you received outstanding feedback from the participants."
Mary Wright Baylor, Director
Center for Educational Services, Hospices of the National Capital Region

"I appreciate your valuable contribution to the December 2001 conference.  We hope you enjoyed yourself and will want to join us again  this year. I would be proud to have you present a 90-minute concurrent session. It would be an honor to have you be part of our program."
Ruth M. Buczynski, Ph.D.
President, NICABM

"Thank you so much for being a member of the panel at the Girl Scout Council of Colonial Coast 2001 Annual Council Meeting. Your insight to some very serious adolescent concerns was presented with a great deal of humor and lightheartedness, which left everyone with a very positive outlook to dealing with "teens." The panel was very successful and many of the evaluations returned at the end of the meeting requested a repeat performance with more time to get deeper into the topics.
     We had a wonderful meeting and you were one of the people who were responsible for making it such a successful event. I really appreciate your fitting our meeting into your busy schedule."
Nelllie Hayse, Executive Director
Girl Scouts of America, Council of Colonial Coast

"On behalf of the Washington National Cathedral and Hospice and Palliative Care of Metropolitan Washington, thank you for your integral part in "Journey of the Soul, Peace at the Last" on Saturday, March 10, 2001. Your presentation and moderating were terrific! I heard numerous people say that you were the best moderator they had ever seen -- I am honored that I midwifed that natural gift!
   It was such a pleasure finally meeting you and getting to know you a bit and look forward to the next time our paths cross in this journey we call Life."
Mary Wright Baylor, MSN, RN
Director, Education
Hospice and Palliative Care of Metropolitan Washington

"Your presentation for the University of Tennessee National Alumni Association Women's Council Program in Memphis was outstanding!  Thank you for your excellent preparation, your attention to making your information personal, and your ability to inspire each of us. Your audience indicated on their evaluations that your thoughts will make a difference in their lives. And, from the conversations I have had with many who attended, I know your message made a profound impression on them. Because you were so effective in Memphis, we are looking forward to  presenting you as the speaker for the women's Council programs next April in Chattanooga, Knoxville, and Johnson City, Tennessee. We truly appreciate you joining the UTNAA Women's Council to present your  thought-provoking program "Awakening at Midlife."
Rebecca F. Little, Director of Alumni Programs
University of Tennessee, Knoxville

"Thank you very much for your warm, inspiring, and charming stories about people with "Ordinary Grace." As you told these tales I was moved to tears with the compassion and goodness demonstrated by the people and your amazing ability to capture the essence of their stories. Your  stories awakened my curiosity and I now look forward to reading your books. The Fall Convention of the Virginia Psychological Association was graced by your presence."
Alan D. Entin, Ph.D. ABPP, President Virginia Psychological Association
Richmond, VA

"Having conversed with you on several occasions and having had the opportunity to hear your wonderful presentations on Public Radio, I was eager for you  to be our keynote speaker for the "1999 Festival For Caregivers."
     After a morning of listening to the woes and dilemmas of elders and the losses inherent in aging, it was encouraging for us all to hear that we have unrecognized qualities. You showed us that our daily activities often include acts of courage, moral strength and compassion. With poignancy and humor you identified many instances of extraordinary humanity and grace and gave us a lens which brings commonplace greatness into focus.
     I speak for the Hampton Roads Caregivers' Coalition in thanking you!"
Marilyn C. Fall, M.S.R.N
Hampton Roads Caregivers' Coalition, Virginia Beach, VA

"What a delightful service you provided...Your spirit is so entertaining, inspirational, and refreshing. Our congregation certainly came away from Sunday's Celebration with inspiration to demonstrate the grace of Spirit in every circumstance in their lives...Through your speaking and writing you have certainly touched our spiritual community in a very special way. Thank you again."
Reverend Elizabeth Thompson-Stocks
Unity Renaissance, Chesapeake, VA

"The evaluations for your presentation were remarkable: 'practical, humorous, enlightening, worthwhile,' 'valuable beyond words,' 'wonderful,' 'I feel gratified to have found Dr. Brehony's book - I could have listened to her for much, much longer - it was supremely interesting and worthwhile. Thank you for bringing us this superb speaker."
Sentara Hospitals' Women's Health Source

"It is now one week after  your wonderful presentation and I'm still hearing raves about your session. The evaluations speak for themselves - you can see how you inspired and impressed the participants."
Shelley Riley, Office of Human Resources
University of Tennessee

"Kathleen  Brehony presents a thoughtful, respectful, and calming on-air presence while maintaining a lively conversational bent. This is just as true when she is a guest on the program. Unlike other on-air psychologists, she does not endeavor to demean, denigrate, or diminish the comments and experiences of callers. Instead she honors those comments and experiences. In fact, we refer to her as 'the kinder, gentler Dr. Laura!' I am  thankful not only for her availability as a host and guest, but feel privileged to know her."
Betty Luse, Producer
Hear/Say Program
WHRO/WHRV Public Radio
Hampton Roads, Virginia

"Your talk was so delightful and inspirational. You made quite an  impression on our group of clinical psychologists. While the presentation was filled with important, accurate academic information, it was conveyed in an entertaining style which made us think and laugh at the same  time. We came away feeling lifted up, hopeful, and encouraged."
Jan D. Hembree, Ph.D.
President, TACP
(Tidewater Academy of Clinical Psychologists)

"Kathy is a sensitive, informed, and sophisticated teacher and presenter.  People talk about the skills they learned years after attending her presentations."
Esther D. Rothblum, Ph.D.
Professor - The University of Vermont

"It was indeed a pleasure and an honor to host your PBS special. We enjoyed every  minute that we've spent together discussing this vital topic [midlife] on which you have become so expert and so eloquent. We look forward to more work together in the future."
Larry Rifkin, Executive Vice President
Connecticut Public Television and Radio

  About After the Darkest Hour

"Sure to become a classic treatment of suffering."
Kirkus Reviews

"The only thing worse than suffering in silence is suffering so everybody knows about it. Kathleen Brehony writes about a third kind, a human dynamic that helps us achieve truth and clarity in our lives. It's a must read!"
Robert Urich

"In her intuitive and insightful reflections, Dr. Brehony teaches us that hard experience is the necessary if painful pathway to a deeper understanding of human life. This is the most useful manual on the redeeming quality of suffering I have ever  read."
Rabbi Ben Kamin,
author of The Path of the Soul: Making Peace with Mortality

"With the voice of a poet, the perspective of a wise philosopher, and a heart of deep compassion, Brehony helps us to see our own sufferings through the  lens of the soul, where all events have meaning and all challenges contain the seeds of growth and new beginnings."
Daniel Redwood,
author of A Time to Heal

About Ordinary Grace

"I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Kathleen Brehony's appearance at Old Donation Episcopal Church...More than 100 people heard Kathleen deliver a stunning presentation on the power of goodness in our lives...Her message was right on target...We are in the process of negotiating a date with Kathy to be the keynoter at our parish retreat. I hope the converence center ca accomodate everyone who will sign up after hearing her inspiring talk...Frequently, excellent writers are mediocre speakers. But, Dr. Kathleen Brehony has a winning combination of exceptional written skills and a dynamic presentation style that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats and  yearning for more."
The Reverend Irwin (Win) M. Lewis, Rector Old Donation Episcopal Church
Virginia Beach, Virginia

"Kathleen Brehony is a gifted storyteller whose tales call forth what is noble within us. A clinical psychologist specializing in periods of transition, her widely acclaimed book, Awakening at Midlife, is a classic in its field and was the basis of a PBS special. In Ordinary Grace, Brehony seeks out people who give of themselves asking nothing in return, and explores the values and mindset underlying their acts of altruism. There are many deeply moving stories here...Ordinary Grace will inspire many people for years to come. With this book, Kathleen Brehony  is emerging as one of the leading contemporary writers of inspirational nonfiction."
Dr. Daniel Redwood, Writer, Reviewer, Chiropractor

Review appears in Visions (January 2000), Pathways (March 2000) Baltimore Resources, Venture Inward and the Noetic Sciences Review

Written in December, 1999
To read the full text of this review, click on:

"Has the human race got your emotional tires spinning? Read this book. You'll soon be cruising along with a song in your heart! There's absolutely nothing ordinary about Kathleen Brehony's Ordinary Grace."
Robert Urich, Actor

"Ordinary Grace is a powerful antidote to the  media's toxic focus on the darkness in people. Kathleen Brehony's easily readable and meticulously documented book will make you proud to be a human being. It should be read every night after you finish your evening  paper."
Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D.
Author of the best-selling book Kitchen Table Wisdom

"A heartening inquiry into why ordinary folks routinely go the second mile for others by clinical psychologist Brehony...The quiet strength of this book  lies in its storytelling...A restorative tonic, more than mere chicken soup for the soul, because it may well inspire readers to go out and do something good for somebody."
Kirkus Reviews
January 15, 1999

"Readers seeking reassurance that people can be good as easily as not will find inspiration in these personal stories; they may even be motivated to their own good deeds..."
Publishers Weekly
February 15, 1999

"If you're looking for an  antidote to the daily barrage of cynical and pessimistic claims about human nature, this will do the trick...Through strong storytelling supported by extensive research, Brehony makes a convincing case for the inborn and sacred goodness of humanity."
Gail Hudson amazon.com Professional Reviewer
February, 1999

"An insightful, refreshing examination of compassion and altruism...inspiring stories...Brehony makes a convincing case for the presence of an innate  human goodness. The results of her study provide a wonderfully uplifting portrait of human potential."
Library Journal
March 15, 1999

                                     About Awakening at Midlife

"Awakening at Midlife is the most important book I have ever read...Truth is necessary in the pursuit of knowledge. Knowledge mixed with insight and love leads to wisdom. Wisdom is God's gift. You will find all three in Kathleen Brehony's  book."
Robert Urich

"Kathleen  Brehony is bringing Jung to the general public in a very clear, palatable way. Most enjoyable!"
Marion Woodman
Author of The Pregnant Virgin, Dancing in the Flames, and The Maiden King among many other titles

"Brehony speaks eloquently within a  [Jungian] framework, others should find much of note here."
Publishers' Weekly
August 12, 1996

"Brehony, a Jungian psychologist, defines, explains, and connects Jungian concepts such as personal and collective unconscious, persona, shadow, and archetypes into an understandable but not reductive framework...A relatively challenging exploration of the aspects of change at midlife, including spiritual and physical growth."
Kirkus Reviews
August 1, 1996

"Awakening at Midlife is a treasure! My husband and I both sat and cried when we read about the death of your mother - your book touched every nerve ending. I've underlined the underlines. Thank you."
Rita P.
Alberta, Canada

"I thought your book was the most  outstanding book of its kind that I have encountered, and I savored it as I read it. You spoke with great truth and clarity on so many issues that arise in midlife and it affirmed for me the richness and  preciousness of this time of life...I thank you."
Debra L.
Baltimore, Maryland

"I feel compelled to tell you how much your book has helped me...I often wonder where I'd be at this time if it wasn't for you and Awakening at Midlife . I had no idea what I was going through and your efforts empowered me to see the light in the darkness...You have made the world a better place."
Warren S.
Falls Church, Virginia

About Chanting: Discovering Spirit in Sound

"The word  enchantment suggests becoming one with God through chanting. Robert Gass has achieved this with his own music and guides the reader toward the same in this clear and enlightening explanation of how to develop your own personal practice."
Deepak Chopra, MD
author of The Path to Love

"One of the masters of transformational music has written a masterful introduction to the spiritual path of chanting. The spirit and sounds of millennia  are captured here in this profound and practical book."
Jean Houston
author of A Passion for the Possible

"In Chanting Robert Gass speaks as a poet, a musician, a storyteller, and a healer. Read Chanting and you will be inspired, as I am, to sing in a way that gives sacred meaning to every aspect of your life."
Margot Anand
author of The Art of Sexual Ecstasy and The Art of Everyday Ecstasy

"This is a beautiful book about the discovery of spirit in all of our lives. Harmonius sounds can open the door to a new  level of living. As I read Robbie's book I began to chant, "Yes, Yes, Yes" because so many of us never hear the voice of the spirit when we are surrounded by the noises of the modern world. Read so that you may listen to the sounds of inner silence and the music of life."
Bernie Siegel, MD
author of Love, Medicine & Miracles and Prescriptions for Living

"Skillfully initiates and entrains the reader into the marvelous universe of sound and its healing properties. This book evolves and explains what our cells, our bones, and our psyches already know, long for, and have so commonly lost. Allow yourself to become  enchanted and re-enchanted."
Jon Kabat-Zinn
author of Wherever You Go, There You Are

"Chanting is one of the most powerful ways I know to awaken the heart and evoke the spirit. Through beautiful stories and evocative images, Robert Gass  brings the magic of chant to life in this book that is at once informative, warm, enlivening and deeply spiritual."
Joan Borysenko, MD
author of Fire in the Soul

"Chanting has always been chicken soup for my soul. I have used it in my life, as well as in  my workshops and seminars for over twenty years. This wonderful book provides us all with a practical, enjoyable guide to understanding and using chanting's relaxing, healing, and transformative powers."
Jack Canfield
coauthor of Chicken Soup for the Soul

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