Ordinary Grace

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"Kathleen Brehony does an admirable job of finding and introducing us to numerous practitioners of 'ordinary grace,' men and women, from many backgrounds who do remarkable -- sometimes astonishingly -- kind, generous, compassionate, and brave things to help others...Worthwhile and inspiring...If this slim, sweet, and readable book increases the sum total of goodness in the world -- which I have not doubt that it will -- Brehony has herself performed an act of grace that, among those who write for the popular media, is far from ordinary."
               -- World and I

"Kathleen Brehony is a gifted storyteller whose tales call forth what is noble within us. A clinical psychologist specializing in periods of transition,  her widely acclaimed book, Awakening at Midlife, is a classic in its field and was the basis of a PBS special. In Ordinary Grace , Brehony seeks out people who give of themselves asking nothing in return, and  explores the values and mindset underlying their acts of altruism. There are many deeply moving stories here...Ordinary Grace will inspire many people for years to come. With this book, Kathleen Brehony is emerging  as one of the leading contemporary writers of inspirational nonfiction."
               -- Dr. Daniel Redwood, Author of A Time to Heal

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"Has the human race got your emotional tires spinning? Read this book. You'll soon be cruising along with a song in your heart! There's absolutely nothing ordinary about Kathleen Brehony's Ordinary Grace."
                 -- Robert Urich

"Ordinary Grace is a powerful antidote to the media's toxic focus on the darkness in people. Kathleen Brehony's easily  readable and meticulously documented book will make you proud to be a human being. It should be read every night after you finish your evening paper."
               -- Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D.
                   Author of the best-selling book
                   Kitchen Table Wisdom

"A heartening inquiry into why ordinary folks routinely go the second mile for others by clinical psychologist Brehony...The quiet strength of this book  lies in its storytelling...A restorative tonic, more than mere chicken soup for the soul, because it may well inspire readers to go out and do something good for somebody."
               -- Kirkus Reviews
                   January 15, 1999

"Readers seeking reassurance that people can be good as easily as
not will find inspiration in these personal stories; they may even be
 motivated to their own good deeds..."
               -- Publishers Weekly
                   February 15, 1999

 "If you're looking for  an antidote to the daily barrage of cynical and pessimistic claims about human nature, this will do the trick...
Through strong storytelling supported by extensive research, Brehony makes a convincing case for  the inborn and sacred goodness of humanity."
               -- Gail Hudson Staff Reviewer for amazon.com
                   February, 1999

"An insightful, refreshing examination of compassion and altruism ...inspiring stories...Brehony makes a convincing case for the presence of an innate human goodness. The results of her study provide a wonderfully uplifting portrait of human  potential."
               -- Library Journal
                   March 15, 1999


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In August 2003, Kathleen was invited to be the Keynote Speaker for the Freshmen Convocation at Tiffin University in Tiffin, OH.  The Advertiser--Tribune covered this event. Click here to read more about it.

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