How do I begin to work with you as a personal coach?

Begin by contacting me by phone, fax, or e-mail. I will get in touch with you within 48-hours and we will set up an initial phone consultation for a mutually agreed upon time and day. There is no charge for this first contact. During our conversation, I will learn what you want to accomplish by working with me as your personal coach and honestly tell you whether I think I can be of help to you. Just as importantly, you will have an opportunity to get to know me a little bit and determine if I'm the right person for you to work with. There are lots of personal coaches in the world and the most important thing - as in any relationship - is chemistry. Do you like my personality? My values? My style? My sense of humor? Do we 'click'? Those are questions that cannot be answered except through personal contact.

If you decide to work with me we will set up the next phone (or e-mail) appointment. I will send you more information electronically or by snail mail. At this time you will be asked to write down goals, obstacles, and address a number of other issues that will help us focus our time together. It is important that this material be completed and returned to me prior to our first official session so that we can get right to work. You can send this material as an attachment to e-mail, by fax, or through regular mail. I prefer to have it in hand at least two days before our session in order to have sufficient time to review it thoroughly and think about it. This material also includes a detailed description of our coaching relationship with regard to the coaching process, confidentiality, fees, and indemnity.

Most coaches ask for a three to six month commitment and I think that this is a reasonable time frame necessary for real change to take place. This is the kind of time commitment that you should be thinking about in your own mind.  Nevertheless, there is
no obligation on your part to continue for any amount of time if working with me is not helping you to achieve your goals. You can work with me on a session-by-session, month-by-month, or longer term basis.  However, in order to encourage you to make a vibrant commitment to the changes you're striving for, I've structured my fee schedule to offer significant savings for signing up for a realistic time frame to accomplish your goals.  Terms of agreement may always be extended by you as you discover and target other goals. 

Fees: My fee for personal coaching includes weekly one-half hour contact sessions. I don't bill for extra contacts (e.g., you call me to say you've gotten that promotion or found an agent for your novel). The fee is payable in advance including longer-term commitments that offer substantial discounts. Payment may be made through major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express) or by personal check - providing that your check arrives prior to the beginning of our contact sessions. Late payments are not permitted unless we have made prior arrangements. You may discontinue working with me at any point should you desire but there are no refunds for unused sessions.

You may work with me for short-term, special projects if you prefer. Individual, one-half hour sessions are $250 each. The fee is paid on a session by session basis.

Fees for Corporate and Organizational coaching are determined on a case-by-case basis.

It's simple and without risk to find out more information.
E-mail, fax, or call now to set up the no-cost initial consultation (252-473-4004). Then decide. Most importantly, Begin it Now.

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