Please take a moment to sit quietly and ask yourself the following questions. If your answer to one or more is "yes," then you may benefit from working with a personal coach.  Please call me so we can talk about your dreams and goals or where you feel stuck.  There is no obligation and no cost for this initial conversation.

Do you trudge off to work each day to a job that pays the bills but offers no joy, no creative challenge, and no enduring sense of accomplishment?

Are you being passed over for promotion or not making progress in your company as quickly as you would like? Do you need some help with people skills?

Do you have a passion to create but can't seem to get  things in gear? Do you even remember what your passions are?

Do you have the feeling that life is passing you by and you haven't begun to really live, you aren't getting up each morning with excitement about the day ahead?

Do you say to yourself that today you're going to start to (lose fifteen pounds, exercise more, learn to delegate, manage your time effectively, finish your dissertation, write that novel --  pick one or insert your own) and you realize you've been saying that same thing for years?

Do you feel like you're getting old and you still aren't sure what you want to be when you grow up?

Do you yearn for spiritual meaning in your life but never seem to have the time or energy to find it?

As you fall asleep on Sunday nights do you make great plans for how you will change your life starting tomorrow,  then on Monday you do things exactly as you always have?

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