When does your personal coaching take place?

We schedule in advance for one-half hour coaching sessions by telephone or e-mail (whichever is your preference). Our agreement includes one call per week though I fully understand that there may be shorter conversations, communication by e-mail, faxes and so forth as you reach critical junctures in your  growth, want to bounce an idea around, or can't wait to share a success. My official guide: Good news welcome at all times!

If our regularly scheduled appointment falls on a holiday, we'll move our call to the business day before or after (by mutual agreement). Appointments can be rescheduled with twenty-four hours advance notice. We'll work around emergencies or illness, but otherwise missed phone appointments can't  be made up.

The goal in scheduling time together is to have a general structure without being rigid. For example, although we will schedule for one-half hour sessions, we may talk slightly longer on some  days, slightly shorter on others. The critical component is in the relationship itself. You will discover that while I do offer structure, I am very flexible.

At our appointed time you will call me at my number - if I am traveling you will be given an appropriate number to reach me. You will also have access to my international pager (presumably beeps me anywhere) to reach me regardless of my physical location.

Your commitment?

To make your time with me a priority.

To call on time (unless we've made other arrangements).

You initiate the call with an agenda of items to report on and discuss. Your benefits will be much greater when we use our time together wisely and focus on the task at hand.

My commitment?

To be fully present to you.

To be honest, compassionate, and direct.

To offer the best advice, dialogue, and feedback that I can.

To genuinely root for your successes and celebrate those with you.

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